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  Three Dimensional Modeling

We develop three-dimensional models for any engineering application. The application may be mechanical component, pipeline layout or building / industry model. Once the model is created it can be seen from any eye position or walk through can be generated. For mechanical components basic properties like volume, weight, moment of Inertia etc. Can also be calculated.

Solid modeling is the next step in the evolution of CAD/CAM. Solid modeling is the only technique which  provide  a full  unambiguous  description  of  3D  shape.  The technique  make  the  design modifications much easier, enabling a detail layout to be formulated at an early stage.

We are working in the area of CAD/CAM from last fourteen years. We undertake the contract   for  solid  modeling  of  mechanical  parts  and   assemblies.  Once  the part/assembly is modeled, it offers following bebefits.

• Complete definition of volumetric shape.
• Visualize general arrangement of parts in assembly.
• Detect unwanted interferences between components.
• Animation of parts under defined constraints.
• Prototype creation from model.
• Models can be interfaced to FEA programs.
• NC toolpath verification, simulation and automatic manufacturing.
• General Manufacturing drawings from model.
• Calculation of volume, mass, moment of inertia and surface area.

We also offer product  design and machine design services as per your country standards. We hope that our services will be useful for your requirements. Please write to us for any requirement.

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