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Pump Selection Software

Pump Selection Program is a tool for people dealing with / manufacturing pumps to choose a pump from the available list of models which is best suited for a particular situation. The program relieves the user from scanning product catalogues and performing variety of calculations to predict the actual performance of the pump. Just by giving the duty parameters, i.e. discharge and head, the user can see the list of all the pumps which can perform the given duty along with their power requirement and efficiency at given duty point.

For selecting a pump the program searches the database and creates a list of all pump models capable of performing given duty. The user can then select a particular model from list and can view / print the specifications of the model along with its characteristic curves. The program will automatically select a suitable motor for the pump and show its specifications also.

  There is also provision  for calculating head losses as per various pipe sizes and calculating energy requirement.

The other salient features of the software are as follows

• The software is created in Visual C++.
• The software runs as a standalone application, it does not require any graphic program like AutoCAD for     generating graphics.
• The software is compact enough to be downloaded from your website.
• The software is highly user friendly, so that any person with little or no technical knowledge can use it for     pump selection.
• The software comes along with a windows help file, so that the user can go through it to understand the working / features of the program.
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