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  Performance Curves

This program is a very useful for generating performance curves of different pump models by giving the required data. It generates curves of head, power, efficiency and npshr v/s discharge. Different units can be selected for different parameters eg. discharge can be given in lpm and shown in gpm and cu.m/hr, head can be shown in meter and feet, power can be shown in kilowatt and hp, etc.

All the parameters are to be fed in desired units to the program, the program then decides the limits for all parameters and suggests suitable grid spacing values, which can be modified by the user. The program adjusts the scale to fit the graphs in A4 size paper sheet. The program then draws the required curves in AutoCAD. The curves can be saved as drawing file in AutoCAD and can be modified there if needed.

For submersible pumps head curves of different stages can be generated for a
model by specifying head values for single stage pump and number of stages for
various head curves.
The program also draws a table of values used for generating curves along side
the curves in AutoCAD drawing file.

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