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Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Motor and Pump Testing System

Q) How does automatic test system works?
A) These systems are controlled by computer and software. Online reading are recorded by computer under different conditions. Required reports and graphs are also generated instantaneously.

Q) Why automatic test systems required?
A) These systems are accurate, effective, paperless, quick and safe.

Q) What is testing time in automatic systems?
A) Automatic testing time can be from 1/6th to 1/20th time of conventional manual testing methods.

Q) Are automatic testing systems approved by Beauro of Indian Standards and International Standards?
A) There is a testing procedure laid down by the standards for pumps and motors. The same procedure is followed during automatic testing. The measuring instruments accuracy is also within the limits specified by standards.

Q) Is there any tests which can not be performed by automatic test methods?
A) All the test mentioned in standards can be performed by automatic test system.

Q) How to choose the best automatic test system?
A) Good testing can be chosen on the basis of level of automation, software features, price, growth path, technology, vendor reputation etc.

Q) What is authenticity of measurements?
A) Measuring instruments and transducers are calibrated from approved laboratories.

Q) Does independent testing system required for every test bench?
A) Testing system can be independent for each test bench. Provisions can be made to control more than one test bench from single automatic test system.

Q) What are chances of break down?
A) The instruments used in automatic systems are  from reputed companies. In case of failure these instruments need to be replaced. However, software remains functional, so manual entries can be made.

Q) Do a computer literate operator required to handle the system?
A) The software is user friendly and can be operated by person having little or no knowledge of computer.

Q) Can the test data be converted on rated speed / rated frequency?
A) Yes, the test data can be converted on rated speed / rated frequency.

Q) What are the chances of data loss in case of computer hard disk failure?
A) Software have provision to take back up of data. In client server technology the master data is normally placed on server so chances of data loss are reduced.

Q) Can we retrieve old test data?
A) Old test data can be retrieved by entering serial number or date of testing.

Q) Can performance curve be compared with master curve?
A) Yes, software have provision to plot mater curve along with performance curve so that instantaneous comparison can be done.

Q) Can existing panel be converted to automatic test panel?
A) It can be decided after getting details of panel.

Q) Can automatic system be upgraded to incorporate more number of test in future?
A) Yes, more number of test can be added in future.


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