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Car Rental Services Management

Following reports are created by taxi service management software. These reports can be viewed on screen or can be printed on printer.

Regular Invoice
For a selected duty slip, invoice/bill can be prepared by defining bill date, bill number, service tax and discount. Using the information fed in duty slip invoice is prepared after calculating extra hour/extra mileage charges if applicable. Regular invoice gives the complete details of journey, vehicle, mileage and all other charges. The financial information from here gets automatically transferred to concerned accounts.

Attachment Invoice
Once the vehicle is selected and billing date, commission and taxes are specified attachment invoice is created using the log book data. Attachment invoice gives the complete details of party, vehicle, mileage, time and charges.

Log Book
For a selected vehicle it’s log book can be printed, for a given period of time. Log book report shows date wise departure (time, mileage) and arrival (time, mileage). This gives overtime and extra mileage information too.

Vehicle Hiring Register
This is useful when vehicle is hired from vehicle owner. Once the owner name/vehicle number/duty slip is selected a list appears giving details of vehicle hiring during the specified period. Vehicle can be hired on fixed rate or on mileage basis. Rate of commission is defined. Financial details of the party is also displayed. Receipt or Payment vouchers can be made here, which is used in financial accounting. An overall report is prepared showing duty slips of the vehicle in that period, transaction done against each duty slip, balance of each and total balance to be paid after deducting commission.

Party Payment Register
This register displays the complete details of each party for a given period. For each bill, it’s amount is displayed. Amount received, vehicle used, package details, TDS and commission/discount is also displayed. Finally, total outstanding amount is calculated. This report can be sent to regular customers periodically to collect dues.

Outstanding Summary
This report shows the debitors/creditors summary. For each party financial details are given. These details include total bill amount, total amount, total discount, total TDS and outstanding amount. At a glance one can see the overall status of all parties .i.e. the amount to be paid and the amount to be received.

Non Productive Use
Between the two bookings many times vehicle is used. This use of vehicle falls under non productive category. The report shows duty slip number, date, departure mileage, arrival mileage and  non productive mileage. It is a very useful report to check whether some company owned vehicle is misused by drivers.

Vehicle Register
This report give the complete status of a vehicle used for a given period. Report include departure (date, time, mileage), arrival (date, time, mileage), name of party and destination. Finally total mileage is displayed for the given period. Thus for a specific period like a week or a month, one can see how a vehicle is being used for travelling/productivity.

Vehicle Maintenance
This register gives the details regarding maintenance of a vehicle. It shows date, type of maintenance, mileage and details of maintenance.

Fuel Consumption
This report shows the date, mileage and quantity of fuel filled for a given vehicle. Between two consecutive filling it computes the average of vehicle.

Incomplete Duty Slip
Incomplete Duty Slip are those slips in which arrival time, date and mileage is not entered. The report display a list of these duty slips. So one can find out any duty slip which is not complete for invoice creation.

Non Created Invoice
This report shows the list of duty slips whose invoices are yet to be created. Thus all those completed duty slips whose invoice is not yet created are shown here.

Address List
Address list for customer, taxi owner and taxi driver can be created and printed.

Invoice Summary
This gives details of invoices raised for a given period of time. The report shows date, bill no, journey date, party name, particulars, destination, departure mileage and arrival mileage.

Duty Slip Summary
This report display duty slip number, vehicle number, vehicle type, party, departure mileage, arrival mileage, particulars, departure date, arrival date and destination.


There are some options which can be used in super user mode/secure mode only. Like deleting a duty slip and backing up the data. When a duty slip is deleted, it’s records are erased from every place in the database.

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