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Car Rental Services Management

Taxi Services Management Software is complete solution for the companies offering car rental services. Software operates on following menus i.e. Booking, Attachment, Log Book, Master Entry, Fares, Reports and Utility. A taxi can be booked under various booking options and under different tariff plans. The software generates virtually all types of reports, which a car rental company needs. The software takes care of all taxi management functions along with financial accounting. The following section covers the important features of the software.

Duty Slip Creation

carIt provides an environment for new booking of taxi. To book a taxi for a guest, a duty slip is required to be made. The duty slip number is to be fed and vehicle number can be selected from the list or can be entered. As soon as a taxi is selected from list the program displays the last average given by the vehicle and also warning messages if any renewal date like registration, insurance, fitness is due in near future. Vehicle type and present financial status of vehicle owner is displayed. Advance given to vehicle owner and advance received from party can be entered. Guest details can be entered from the existing list or new guest entries can be fed. Three types of rates are available i.e. special, regular and general tariff. Special means - total hour, total km, extra hour charge, extra km charge and total charge will be given online for the selected party. Regular means – existing defined rates for the given party will be applicable. General tariff means rates defined under general party i.e. standard rates will be applicable. Booking types can be selected from the standard booking plans like 8 hr 80 km, outstation minimum, airport drop etc. Route of travel can be entered under destination category. Finally departure (date, time, mileage) is entered. As soon as departure mileage is entered the software shows non productive use of taxi. A warning message is shown if oil change is required. When the taxi comes back arrival data (date, time, mileage) is entered. During the tour any other charges, night charges along with advance given to driver is entered. Some times instead of party, taxi is booked for other travel agency. In such cases name of travel agent is also written. Some times taxi is used complementary by hotel staff or some VIP guest. So a separate duty slip can be created for staff use. No invoice is raised for this duty slip. It only gives details of vehicle used complementary. The advance given to vehicle owner, to driver and from party are automatically transferred to their accounts.



Attachment information is used when vehicle is attached to party/factory for a period of time. Vehicle number to be attached is selected from pull down  menu. Party detail along with period of attachment is defined. Terms and conditions like working days per month and working hours per day is specified. Total distance to be traveled per month along with charges are  mentioned on the form. Provision for extra charges per km, per hour and per day is available.


Log book

Once a vehicle is attached to party, daily entries in log book are made to maintain day to day travel information of vehicle. Vehicle name or party name is selected from a list. Period of entries is also specified. Another form appear giving the details of selected vehicle number and specified period. For each corresponding date details like duty slip number, departure (time, mileage), arrival (time, mileage)  and remark is written. This log book information is used for creating invoice for attachment.

Master Entries
There is a provision for storing master entries for taxi, driver, parties and owners. Master entries makes the filling of form for booking, attachment etc very easy. Vehicle owner details are entered by activating sub menu. Similarly taxi data can also be defined.

  Taxi number, it’s type, oil change km with owner information is fed. Each party details can be mentioned in customer data entry form. Complete driver details are fed along with license number etc.  
Vehicle Entry

This section covers those vehicle entries on which some expense is done like fuelling and maintenance. Maintenance data for a vehicle can be entered. For each vehicle mileage, type of maintenance, details, date, vendor name and amount of maintenance is defined. Similarly for each vehicle fuel data can also be fed. For a vehicle date, quantity, mileage, vendor name, rate is entered. If history of vehicle is available then average is computed automatically. The amount entered here automatically goes into account of vendor and of the vehicle owned by company. So that at the end of year one can find how much a taxi has consumed.


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