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Automatic Pump Testing System

The Automatic Pump Testing System is a complete solution for pump testing process in pump industry. The aim of Automatic Pump Testing System is to remove the human errors associated with testing of equipment, measurement, and recording of data. Use of computer provide a quick and reliable method of performing repeated tests that yield consistent data. The system not only improves quality but dramatically increases efficiency of pump testing section.

The automatic pump testing system is integration of digital measuring instruments and computer. Computer is used for controlling the test and collecting the test data. Communication between computer and transducers take place via control box. Output of current, voltage, power, frequency, slip, flow,  and pressure is fed into control box. Control box multiplex all signals and output is transferred to microprocessor. Microprocessor process the signal and direct them to serial interface. Serial interface communicate with serial port of computer. The pump testing software reads the serial port and converts the data received from control box, into actual field data. The flow is  controlled by actuating gate valve and readings are stored in database for further processing. Readings can also be fed manually and/or edited whenever needed.



Pump Testing Software is useful for record keeping of testing of  pumps.  The  software  works  on   the  basis  of  a  model   database,   which   contains the master  information of all types of  models, manufactured by the company. The master information contains specifications like model name, rated head, rated discharge, rated current, rated voltage, overall efficiency, speed, power (HP), number of stage, operating head range, delivery size, bore size, motor rating, number of phase, frequency etc. Along with this data master performance curves for each model can also be stored, which can be further used for comparing with the performance curves of the pump under test. 


The testing data for all tests performed every day can be stored, like date of test, test serial number, model type etc. The software keeps track of every 10th and every 20th pump of each model, for which a complete testing report for pump and motor is to be generated. For every  10th pump,  complete test like discharge, head, current, input power, voltage, slip, frequency etc is collected from control box. This data  can  be  used to  generate  report  as per rated speed or  as per rated  frequency. There is a provision  for  calculating either  pump efficiency or overall efficiency. The test data  can also  be used  to generate performance curves  of  the  pump. The curves of efficiency, head, current  or power  against discharge are drawn.


The master curves for the model under test can also be drawn along with actual curves for instant comparison of performance of the pump.

For every 20th   pump   the software prompts for feeding all data for motor test report. After feeding all required input for  test, motor test report can be generated  which computes   no    load   copper losses, constant    losses, primary copper   losses, total stator loss, rotor loss, output, starting   torque, breakaway torque, efficiency   etc.  The motor   test data can also be used to   generate     motor performance    curves.    The curves   for   efficiency, rpm, input power and current are drawn against output power.

Different types of reports like production register, pumpset performance register, motor performance register, etc. can be generated to have an overall view of the production for a particular period of time. The production register contains model name, model type, model specification, model serial

  number, pump serial number, motor serial number etc, for all pumps tested in a particular period of time, and can be generated model wise, HP wise, stage wise etc. The pump performance register and motor performance register can be used to see the overall performance values of the models tested during a period of time and can be compared with the master performance data.

Thus the Automatic pump test system takes care of all aspect of record keeping for pump testing. It automates the pump testing process, It makes   report  and  curve generation very simple and easy and frees one from tedious calculations, repetitive tasks and human errors. It provides ways for comparing the test data/curve with master data/curve. Further, the system can be customized to suit the specific needs of particular pump manufacturing Industry.
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