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Automatic motor testing system is complete testing solution for induction motor manufacturer. Developed under the guidance of highly qualified professor, scientist, consultant, senior manager and CEOs system show great future promises. Our R & D and design team work closely to create international quality in term of wiring and appearance. Many leading manufacturer uses our testing system countrywide. We have automatic, accurate, stable & dynamic response system, which outclass the existing manual testing system. The system not only reduces the testing time but also avoid human errors. System can be customized for single/ three phase motors and testing is done without human intervention.  



Control panel  consists of power contactors , current transformers, miniature circuit breakers, bus bar, indicators, shunt trip coil. The shape of panel depends on rating of the motors to be tested .the panel are designed with proper safety measures. The array of contactors are interlocked to prevent any accident . the panel also consists of switching circuit. the circuit consists of set of electrical devices .  which offer automatic  completion of various test without human  intervention. The panel comes along with motorized dimmer and step transformer. The dimmer and the step transformer is automatically controlled by the software . The system is capable of absorbing the surge current created during the reversal of motor. The panel takes care of  three / six lead motors .

Transducer are most appropriate device to measure the electrical and other type of parameter for automation. We use  multi transducer to measure electrical parameters. These are programmable  transducer. Out of approximately thirty two types of parameters, It can be programmed for any four electrical  parameters any time. This transducer offer accuracy up to 0.15% leakage current is measured using specialized transducer . In order to measure coil resistance we use transducer of 0.2% accuracy . The coil resistance transducer is also programmable . It  can be programmed to nullify the lead resistance. In order to avoid  humane intervene , we use optical  rpm transmitter . Theses transmitters are very accurate and capable of measuring rpm from long distance. Temperature  transducer continuously monitor temperature and system record the temperature.

Control box is connected between computer and transducers.  Output of transducer is analog current . This analog current is converted into corresponding voltages. These voltages are in analog form voltages coming from different transducer are multiplex on a single line. finally these signals are converted into digital form, as processor works only on digital signals. Microprocessor  is controlled with assembly level programming language. the digital signal and assembly language interact  to produce the output for serial interface. This serial is interface is connected to serial port of computers control box not only read the signal but it control the devices as well . turbo
On getting the command from motor testing software the reverse process takes place in control box. It actuates dimmer and switching circuit. The control box is designed such that same box is used for any rating of motor. So it takes care of future expansion. Control box is card based, so it is easy to install, trouble shoot and repair, control box is capable of interfacing current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, temperature, coil resistance, insulation resistance, leakage current, rpm etc .

The software is user friendly and virtually require no training assistance. The software generates the require report. Formats can be  customized to help our customer do better job more effectively and more esily … 

  Testing module is responsible for performing automatic testing of motor. The testing module performs following tests automatically.

• Insulation resistance Test
• Reversal Test
• Coil resistance Test
• Locked rotor Test
• Low voltage Test
• High voltage Test
• No load Test
turbo   Above tests can be conducted individually by operator or test can be sequence automatically without human intervention. Software switches on the motor by selecting the current transformer ratio automatically. The contactors are interlocked by software to ensure two level of security. During test, the name of test & all the require reading are displayed on the screen. Different colors indicate pass /fail /running of test. After completing all tests, required test certificate and report are printed by software is based on client server technology. It ensures availability of report on the computer network.
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